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26/04/09:Photo gallery > Flamingos in the wild > Flamingos in Mumbai, India
06/04/09:Literature > 18 full-text articles from Waterbirds Around the World
11/03/09:Photo gallery > New link: Flamingo photos by Mark Anderson
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22/02/09:Photo gallery > 4 new albums: flamingos in South America
13/02/09:Flamingos and zoos > Breeding > A hypothetical husbandry point system for breeding flamingos in captivity
13/02/09:Flamingos and zoos > Research > Use of captive flamingos in research

The Flamingo Resource Centre (FRC) is a web-based collection of resources and information related to flamingos.

The FRC was created to provide one place where information and resources relating to all flamingo species in all parts of the world could be gathered together and made available to researchers, conservationists, flamingo keepers and all interested parties.


The site is only as useful as the resources that are submitted, so please contact us if you have resources or information to submit.

While we are always looking for resources on any topic, we are currently making a special effort to gather resources on the following topics:

  • Recipes for hand-rearing formulas

  • Photos of interpretation used at zoos: signage, information boards, etc

  • Photos of flamingo exhibits and the corresponding breeding results

  • Contact details for zoo suppliers

Do you have resources on these topics? Please submit them.

Thanks to those who have already contributed!

List of contributors (alphabetical order)

Mark Anderson (Anderson Africa)
Tania Anderson (Anderson Africa)
Jeanette Boylan (Dallas Zoo)
Brooks Childress (IUCN/Wetlands International Flamingo Specialist Group)
Laurie Conrad (SeaWorld California)
Jana Havlová
Abhay Hule
Nigel Jarrett (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Cathy King (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums)
Rebecca Lee (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
James Lees (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Peter Litherland (Welsh Mountain Zoo)
Oscar Mann
Paul Marshall (Paul Marshall Photography)
Sue Porter (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Niall Riddell (www.niallriddell.co.uk)
Jevgeni Shergalin
Nigel Simpson (Bristol Zoo Gardens)
David A Stroud (JNCC / Ramsar)
Phil Tovey (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Owen Vaughan (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Tom Wall (Saint Louis Zoo)

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Latest News

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(BirdLife International - 26/10/09)

 >>  Lesser Flamingos have begun breeding on artificial breeding island in Kamfers Dam for third year in a row!
(Save the Flamingo - 26/10/09)

Artificial breeding island in Kamfers Dam, South Africa © Mark Anderson

 >>  Academic warns flamingos face extinction in Turkish national park
(Hurriyet Daily News - 22/10/09)

 >>  Lake Nakuru becomes Africa's first IBA-branded National Park
(BirdLife International - 12/10/09)

 >>  The flamingos of Inagua
(Nassau Guardian - 08/10/09)

 >>  Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park Named Important Bird Area
(Environment News Service - 24/09/09)

 >>  Flamingo paradise becomes largest Andean Ramsar wetland
(WWF - 22/09/09)

 >>  Greater Flamingo breeding site found in Abu Dhabi
(WAM Emirates News Agency - 13/09/09)

 >>  The Crimson Wing is in UK cinemas nationwide from 25 September
(Scotsman - 04/09/09)

 >>  Government poised to ruin major flamingo nesting site?
(ThisDay - 27/08/09)

 >>  Lake Natron faces renewed threat from soda-ash mining
(BirdLife - 26/08/09)

 >>  Why flamingos stand on one leg
(BBC - 13/08/09)

 >>  Flamingo activist wins victory over government
(Legalbrief - 10/08/09)

 >>  Lack of water threatens endangered flamingos
(CCTV - 20/07/09)

 >>  North Carolina's first Lesser Flamingo hatches at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park

 >>  Over 12,000 Lesser Flamingo chicks hatched on artificial breeding island in Kamfers Dam, Kimberley, South Africa!!

 >>  Six flamingo chicks hatch at Johannesburg Zoo
(Joburg - 19/06/09)

 >>  Flamingos arrive three months early in Ajmer
(Times of India - 18/06/09)

 >>  Water treatment plant to help reduce pollution in Lake Tuz
(Today's Zaman - 16/06/09)

 >>  Sustainable aquaculture at Veta la Palma promotes flamingo conservation
(Times - 15/06/09)

 >>  2000 Andean Flamingo eggs abandoned in the Atacama Desert
(Times - 04/06/09)

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